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Garden Day

Community Boxes

Community Boxes are designated by the red paint at their base. They are free and available for use by any member of the community so long as you help care for the plants in them!

New Terra Compost

We are grateful for the support of New Terra Compost as they have designed our garden as a donation site for their excess and donated rich compost soil! To learn more, visit their website here.

Individual Boxes for Rent

BOCA helps maintain several boxes around the garden that are available for rent. Individual boxes are the blue plots around the garden. Each individual box costs $15 annually.

Mowing and Care Team

Do you love getting your hands dirty and seeing hard work pay off? Volunteer with our Mowing and Care Team! Email us at to get connected.



Rent a Box

for just $15




Mow, Weed, and Maintain

Harvesting Vegetables_edited.jpg


Enjoy the Harvest!

Our Garden Partners

Tomatillo Plant

New Terra Compost

Thanks to the generosity and support of New Terra Compost - Cleveland, our garden benefits as a site for donation and excess compost. To learn more, visit their website by clicking here.

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