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BOCA Community Garden Day

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend it was to get in the garden!

We love planting roots and doing life together with our neighbors. Interested in having your own plot? Contact us for more information! We have planted corn, okra, various tomatoes, and peppers in our red community boxes. Help us care for them and take some home when they ripen.

Everyone did a great job weeding, mowing, painting, and cultivating the garden. It really needed some TLC after the winter months, and now she's looking vibrant and beautiful again! Hopefully we will see some fresh produce sprouting soon or maybe some summer-time flowers. Bringing about flourishing happens one day at a time.

Thanks to all the community volunteers that came out from @Vindagua at Lee University, Matthew's Table Church , and The Mission Cleveland Parish. Y'all rock!

Community Garden Boxes

Red community garden plots are open for picking as long as you help care for the plants in them. Help us water, prune, and pick! Corn, okra, tomatoes, and peppers available.

Reserve your Own Garden Box

Don't forget! You can reserve your own garden box for $10. Contact us at for more information.


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