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Neighborhood Story Project Event

Your story matters! Thanks to all our neighbors for joining us at the Blythe Oldfield Neighborhood Story Event this past Saturday, May 21.


The Neighborhood Story Project team worked for months to learn about the history of our community. A history with humble, hardworking beginnings that has led to new opportunities to cultivate and celebrate who we are. The day featured bus tours to experience Blythe Oldfield through the years, informational plaques that will be posted permanently in the community park, a room for neighbors to record their stories, a video centerpiece (stay tuned for it to be posted) featuring members of our community through the years, old fashioned lunchroom soup (courtesy of Cameron’s Restaurant), and a BOCA table to learn about our efforts to advocate for sustainable growth in and around the neighborhood. A special thanks to the planning team:

-Gina Akins

-Bennett Judkins

-Shirley Knight

-Rusty Langford

-Cassie Langford

-Shawna Staup


Stay tuned for more information to migrate onto our website!

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